Case study - Greencore Grocery

"We couldn’t be more pleased with the results that Powertherm’s insulation, and recommendations, have achieved. We saw a return on the investment within 33 weeks and we have had the added value of creating a more pleasant workplace for our employees." Group CEO, Patrick Coveney

After discussing the issues with Greencore, Powertherm suggested insulating the pasteurisers in addition to the steam and condensate piping.

The materials for insulation needed to be easily accessible and removable, without an engineer being present – for a weekly inspection, and they needed to be suitable for use in an area subject to high steam and moisture content.

Powertherm recommended a purpose made insulation cover, with a number of different materials to meet the operating criteria.

Silicone coated, Nomex thread was used for strength and durability. Combined with  PVC Polyester and silicone glass cloth to prevent moisture entering the insulation layer. Printed labels were installed (in both English and Polish) to warn against walking on the insulation.

The results after were impressive. Greencore measured the Condensate return before the installation and they saw an 86% reduction after the project was complete.

In addition to this, the work resulted in a significant reduction in the ambient temperature, which has created a safer, more pleasant and more productive working environment for the factory operatives.


  • Based in Selby North Yorkshire
  • Established in 1991
  • Leading international manufacturer of convenience foods
  • 22 convenience foods manufacturing sites in the UK & US
  • Employ 12,000 people


  • Significant heat loss from from bottling plant pasteurisers leading to more energy efficiency
  • Insulation materials that could withstand areas with high moisture content
  • Accessibility to pasteuriser lids


  • Instal insulation to the steam and condensate piping
  • Insulating the pasteurisers
  • Purpose made insulation covers


  • 86% reduction in loss of heat through condensation
  • Payback on investment in less than 33 weeks
  • Significant reduction in ambient temperature, creating a safer, pleasant and more productive environment for workers